Guest Blog: Kim Handysides – AI in eLearning and Voice Over

My Chat with an eLearning Industry Superstar: AI in eLearning and Voice Over By: Kim Handysides From: Kim Handysides Voiceover ________________________________________________________________________________________ Like politics and religion, AI seems scary and divisive to […]

Guest Blog: Billie Jo Konze – Should You Pivot?

Should You Pivot? By: Billie Jo Konze From: Billie Jo Konze, Voice/On-Camera/Stage Actor _________________________________________________________________________________________ Pivot is such a buzzword these days. The pandemic has forced and/or encouraged a LOT of people […]

Guest Blog: Frank Verderosa – My Personal Anti-Stack Movement

My Personal Anti-Stack Movement By: Frank Verderosa From: Frank Verderosa _________________________________________________________________________________________ I get asked several times a week if I’ll make a “stack” for someone. Earlier in the pandemic, when I […]


The Things Newbies Don’t Understand By: Paul Strikwerda From: Nethervoice _________________________________________________________________________________________ If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know I tend to give a certain group of people […]

Guest Blog: Sumara Meers – Hustle, if you must. Never hassle.

Hustle if you must. Never hassle. From: Sumara Meers From: Sumara Meers Fabulous Voiceover _________________________________________________________________________________________ Hustle hustle hustle! Got a side hustle? You gotta hustle to win! Hustle hard! You can’t […]

Guest Blog: Jeffery Baker – SO MUCH DRAMA!

SO MUCH DRAMA! By: Jeffery Baker From: The Atlanta Voiceovers _________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s been getting on more years than I’d like to think about since I’ve been on stage. Theatre was my […]

Guest Blog: Jeffery Baker – THE “WOO” OF VOICE-OVER

The “woo” of Voice-Over By: Jeffery Baker From: Atlantic Voiceovers _________________________________________________________________________________________ When I sat down to write this Wednesday’s blog I had originally meant to focus on some marketing and branding […]