Advanced Audition Techniques • Improv with Jay Preston

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Advanced Audition Techniques • Improv with Jay Preston

I’m sure you’ve all read in your audition specs…

~ “Make your auditions memorable.” • “Improv encouraged” • “Okay to ad-lib” ~

~ “Looking for a great comedic actor/improv artist” ~

~ “We don’t want anything that’s slick, polished, or announcer-y.” ~

So many actors read the above specs when receiving an audition and a sort of panic sets in. What should I do? How do I stand out? How can I make it memorable? The crazy thing is the answers are already within you. You just have to build the confidence and where with a to let your subconscious do the work for you and get comfortable being you.

In this workshop:

We will dive deep into copy, each section on different aspects of improv and how it relates to copy, reading and practicing throughout.

  • We will NOT waste time playing improv games
  • On the last hour we will drive it home with all we learned.
  • We will use commercial copy but all you learn can be applied to all aspects of VO.

1st 30 Minutes

We’ll spend 15 minutes or so going over Improv misconceptions and general differences when it comes to Improvisation on stage and behind the mic. The rules of Improv for the stage are S.C.A.R.Y. & F.A.S.T. but when applied to Voice Over they are S.I.M.P.L.E.

(Those are Acronyms, we will go over them.)

We will then spend 15 minutes talking about what you need to do with every script before you even THINK about adding improv. Goals, Meaning, Perspective, Connection. We will find what is important and critical to the message and what can be “played” with.

Next 70 Minutes

Now we will dive into some short pieces of copy utilizing the following.

· Pre-life • mid-life • end thoughts

· Perspectives • Points of View • Times of Day

· Reasons for opening your mouth

· Tie-ins • Call backs • natural noises

Final 70 Minutes

We will dive into some harder copy with what we’ve learned so far and go further with the following.

· Messing with punctuation • substituting words • adding life-isms

· Asides • Useful Pauses • Crazy slates • Changing intent

· Set-ups and Reversals • Internal thoughts • Actual Improv

· The sweet spot • When’s too much • The glory of the editing room

And at the end and throughout of course we’ll make room for questions and concerns. I will also give every participant a PDF with great ways to keep sharp and practice the skills we learn.

July 14 2022
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Date: July 14, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
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