Are you relatable?

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Are you relatable?

When listening to auditions, one quality that always stands out to me is relatability. When a voice actor takes the time to connect to their audience authentically, I can hear it AND feel it in their audition.

So the next time you audition, instead of focusing on how you sound, ask yourself: how do I want my listener to feel? And deliver your copy with that in mind.

Another way to immediately increase your authenticity?

Place pictures of people you care about in your booth, then talk to them.

When you consider how you want your listener to feel and connect that emotion to someone you care about, you automatically sound more relatable, and your audience will take notice!

Want to learn more ways to make your auditions stand out? Join us Saturday, February 8th, for an intensive day of tips, techniques, and insights proven to create more successful auditions!

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“Creating Successful Auditions”
Saturday, February 8th • Directed by Elaine Craig

In this Commercial VO Workshop you’ll learn, apply and get immediate feedback on strategies proven to boost your audition confidence & success.
Learn to:
– Self Direct with more confidence & time efficiency!
– Discover questions to ask yourself to think like a copywriter.
– Decode Direction to learn what descriptions like conversational or confident really mean.
– Make your auditions stand out by engaging the listener.
– Be more relaxed and fully present in any situation to bring your best to the booth!
“Elaine Craig’s master class reflects her… you forget all the head talk and focus on what’s most important.” – Gwendolyn Yeo

February 08 2020
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Date: February 8, 2020
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm UTC-8


Elaine Craig
Website: Visit Organizer Website