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Audiobook Narration 101

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Three-Week Workshop: Sunday, June 12 – 26, 2022
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Price: $299
This class will be held virtually via Zoom.
Ages 18+
Are you an audiobook listener, but also an actor, and think you could be a capable narrator? Are you experienced in VO, have a home studio, and want to add audiobook narration to your resume? Are you confident in your audiobook performance level, but have no idea how to get hired for an audiobook job? Are you already pitching rights-holders and publishers, but haven’t found any success yet?
The audiobook industry is growing exponentially. Publishers are producing more and more audiobooks each year, and so are up-and-coming authors. And because it’s audio, you can do it remotely from anywhere in the country, including from your home studio in the Boston area.
But the audiobook industry is unique, in that it is the Publishing industry, not necessarily the Entertainment industry. And because of that, the way you acquire jobs is much different than in any other genre of performance work.
Class #1: Audiobook Narration 101 
This class will introduce you to the Business of Audiobooks. Essentially, how to become a working audiobook narrator. What materials you need in your “audiobook briefcase” to be potentially considered a professional audiobook narrator. Where do you go to find audiobook work, and who is hiring you. You will also learn about what is technologically required of you (your home setup) to produce a broadcast-quality audiobook.
Class #2: Prepping Your Book for Audiobook Narration 
In this audiobook seminar, we will review what is required of you to properly prepare yourself to narrate an audiobook. Scenario: You just received a narration assignment from either a major publisher, or a first-time author/rights-holder on ACX. Chris will address:
– Options for hardware and software
– Should you read the entire book before you start?
– Author and subject research
– Knowing your listener
– Marking up the manuscript
– Your notes template
– Non-Fiction: Appropriate quotation narration
– Fiction: Appropriate character choices
In this instance, you will be prepping the portion of a book you wish to record for your next demo sample. Choose material that you feel best represents you and the genre you feel you will excel in right away in your audiobook narration career.
Class #3: Recording Your Audiobook Sample
In this audiobook workshop, you will now narrate the portion of the book you have prepped following class #2. You will perform live on Zoom, and your performance will be evaluated by Chris. You are guaranteed one full pass of your material, which will be a maximum of 3 minutes in length. You may be re-directed by Chris to record another pass on all or a specific portion of your material. Chris will address:
– Warming up
– Preparing mentally and physically
– Proper mic technique
– Connecting to the material
– Staying “in the moment”
– Dealing with flubs and errant noises
– Self-evaluating your performance
And most of all, we are going to have some fun, people!
June 12 2022
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Date: June 12, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
Recurring: Sundays, June 12th - 26th
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Chris Ciulla
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