Breaking Brand – with Corey Dissin and Julie Williams

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Breaking Brand – with Corey Dissin and Julie Williams

Julie Williams Presents…
Breaking Brand!
Corey Dissin
Only $69
Monday, February 10, 2020
8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific
Although the bald head and goatee might make you think he’s Walter White. . .it’s really Corey Dissin. . . and in association with Julie Williams, join him as he presents BREAKING BRAND. In this town-hall style Q&A webinar, you’ll get to go inside the mind of the entreprenurial fitness coach that has helped to develop the brands and marketing plans for voice talent all over the country.
Find out what it means to go beyond the logo. . .
Discover the difference between “your brand” and “your branding”. . .
Learn the biggest mistake most talent make with their branding. . .
And more!
Learn more about Corey at
Please do not wait until the last minute to sign up!
Space is limited.
Julie has an unprecedented 4 coaching slots opening up starting the last week of January! One of these has your name on it! For more information,
E-mail Julie by clicking below.
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What people are saying about Julie…
I love the way you do your voiceover and I always have. More people should use you as a model–especially women… and I congratulate you, you have a wonderful career.
                   Dick Orkin, VO Legend
I learned more in ONE SESSION with Julie than in TEN with my other coach!
Don White, VO Talent
After coaching with Julie, I’ve won 30 jobs in my first year. I had no professional background in radio or acting. I know that her coaching has helped improve my skills immensely. I’m so thankful for the wonderful start she’s given me into getting paid to do something I absolutely adore!
        Jennifer Mary, Australian VO talent
Julie is my first and ONLY recommendation whenever a voiceover student tells me they want to learn long-form anything. Audio books, medical narration, e-learning – she is the top coach in these areas hands-down. She’s also a generous spirit, a smart business woman and a wonderful person. Grace, humility, beauty, that’s Julie. –
                          Gabby Nistico,
voiceover actress, coach and author
I have put to use what she’s taught me (and have really noticed a difference in my narration work because of her!) I have been getting tons more work, and it’s work I love, in the eLearning space.
                   Jill Goldman, VO Talent
Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your session on eLearning and narration has manifested itself into my career in a big way! It makes up at least 75% of my VO income and I feel like I was born to do it.
                 Fentriss Moore, VO Talent
For private coaching opportunities, contact Julie directly:
Why train with Julie?
  • Julie brings decades of success to the table
  • In addition to being gifted at VO, she’s a gifted teacher–a hard combination to find.
  • Julie takes her students to the next level quickly to accelerate their careers.
  • Julie teaches all levels… beginners to seasoned talents with decades of experience.
  • Julie’s students get work! (See comments below)
  • Julie’s demos are extremely reasonably priced, yet high quality.
  • As a “Voiceover Life Coach” rather than just a teacher, Julie is available to you outside the scheduled times, and she’ll guide you in all aspects of your career. She’ll take the journey with you.
LOTS of student references!
Click BELOW to watch Julie’s popular and informative video, How To Get Into VoiceOver Without Losing Your Shirt!
For questions about registration, please contact
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February 10 2020
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Date: February 10, 2020
Time: 8:00 pm America/New_York
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