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No Shame Here!

In our ambitious desire to find a career that both satisfies our passion and our pocketbook, it’s hard to imagine anyone having a fear of money. But in reality, a lot of us have real apprehension when it comes to dealing with the green stuff. This is commonly referred to as a “money block”, and it can severely impact your bottom line when it comes to your business. Money blocks are really about your relationship with money. A relationship that started – more than likely – in your childhood. These could have been beliefs that were instilled in you by your parents or loved ones, or events and experiences that shaped your perception or attitude.

Do you have a money block? More than likely! Read more on my blog to see if any of these symptoms apply to you and then sign up for our December VO Peeps Webinar with Anne to crush your money blocks and gain clarity in 2020!

Join Anne for an eye opening information-packed webinar with strategic Tips and Tricks to help you overcome your money blocks in 2020 and pave the way for wealth in your business!

December 11 2019
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Date: December 11, 2019
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm America/Los_Angeles