Q&A With Katie Griffin Casting

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Q&A With Katie Griffin Casting

To Talent,
I have been doing Instagram lives on @bactalent IG, follow us and join the live next week. We are bringing in Casting Directors every day to help with information, and even send castings that are happening right now. My job as a manager is also to advise and inform about amazing opportunities.
Katie does alot of Voiceovers and feel this would be great for you to tune in. If you can help in anyway A IG story on a post would be helpful to spread the word. I am doing this because so many talent always have questions and now you can get them answered.  I do have calls next week with Don Case, Beth Melsky office (ashley), Ad agencies, Producers  to encourage them to do Lives as well.
For 20 years, Katie Griffin has handpicked talent for clients like NBCUniversal, Nike, RCA, TLC, Dr. Pepper & Justin Timberlake to name a few. Leveraging her trademark ability to cast from wherever clients need her, she never fails to find the right person – or the right hundreds of people – for the most specific & urgent casting needs.  Katie casts scripted & reality television, independent films, commercials, radio spots, music videos & print campaigns.   A former actor herself, Katie’s approach to casting is to advocate first on behalf of talent, while expecting only the very best performances and utmost professionalism from them.   It’s an approach that benefits both the clients and talent every time.  Until the quarantine is lifted, Katie is offering talent FREE 10 MINUTE VIRTUAL SESSIONS to help them fine-tune monologues, commercial copy and to offer feedback on their headshots/resumes.
April 14 2020
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Date: April 14, 2020
Time: 2:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
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Katie Griffin Casting
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