The Mastery of VO for Animation Level 2

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The Mastery of VO for Animation Level 2

What we will cover

  • Developing advanced performance skills for animated films, TV show videos games and beyond!

  • Creating in-depth 3-dimensional, emotional characters with long-term sustainability

  • Expanding your character range in animation and stretching you outside of your comfort zone

  • Multiple booth workouts weekly with direction from top VO pro

  • Weekly homework auditions tapes to turn in for critique by our casting directors, producers and pro-talent

  • Developing the skills for competitive auditions

  • Creating an arsenal of unique, strong animated characters

  • Establishing character continuity throughout any copy thrown your way

  • Honing In-depth strategic approaches to your auditions

  • Developing strategies on how to market your skills for the right VO agents and voice managers for you!

  • Learn how to develop strong relationships with your team and maximize your opportunities

  • Hone your approach and confidence to the entire booking process to handle any direction thrown your way!

  • Learning how to develop relationships with casting directors and producers for long-term success in the vo industry!

January 01 1970
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Date: January 1, 1970
Time: 12:00 am America/Los_Angeles
Recurring: Tuesdays, February 23rd - March 30th
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