Rene Garcia Character Dubbing in Spanish


TÓMALO EN LÍNEA. 100% en vivo, 100% práctico. René García, reconocido y experimentado actor de cine, teatro y telenovelas, actor y director de doblaje con más de 30 años de trabajo continuo, ha doblado a personajes como Vegeta (Dragon Ball), Hyoga de Cisne (Caballeros del Zodiaco), Nick (Zootopia), Stewie (Padre de Familia), Hermes (Futurama), además […]

Richard Redfield Trailer Workshop

Online via ZOOM

TRAILER AND PROMO VO WORKSHOP TAUGHT BY VETERAN TRAILER PRODUCER RICHARD REDFIELD Saturday December 5 10 AM-1:00 PM Pacific (1 - 4 PM Eastern Time) Via ZOOM No special setup required Cost: $150 - 6 People Maximum To join or get more info: Award-winning creative director/producer of hundreds of movie trailers and TV spots […]

Ensemble Animation Workshop W/Katie Leigh

Online via ZOOM

Working with actual animation scripts, in this Zoom workshop, we will not only create characters and "voice-onalites," but also let them interact with each other. Every VO animation actor needs the experience of working with others to practice timing, comedy, and give and take. Now's your chance! *Everyone with a ticket receives a recording of […]

Girl Power Encore! Commercials w/Tina Morasco

Online via ZOOM

Tina Morasco brings a unique blend of industry and artistry as the Head of Casting at Sound and Fury, having been a voiceover agent at New York’s William Morris Agency and ICM, a highly sought after voice coach, demo producer, and a successful voiceover artist and on-camera actress for the past 20 years. Player Spots […]

VO Camp Workout 12/08/2020


You hit the gym to build muscles. The same idea applies for all skill sets in life. Practice and put in those famous Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hours. Krizia has credited her success to continuing her training through voiceover workout groups. This is a shelter for artists. No casting directors, agents, or producers; just your peers […]

Get Mic’d Building Your Brand

Online via ZOOM

Personality branding ZoomShop! Who you are and what does that look like? Two creative pros can help set you apart!

Video Games with Jessica Kent!

Online via ZOOM

Get ready for a workout as we cover the essentials every VA needs to focus on for Video Game VO! Jessica Kent has spent 10 years in the VO industry. From her first years in talent representation, she moved on to head up voiceover for the gaming division at Riot Games. Go inside the mind […]

Johnny Heller’s Splendiferous Holiday Special!


SPLENDIFEROUS HOLIDAY SPECIAL: INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS & A HOLIDAY HAPPY HOUR! Narrators who have their own publishing business will share their stories with you. Is it time for you to expand your business plan? Get the answers from the people who are doing it right now! And do plan on staying for the Happy Hour! Wednesday […]

Lisa Biggs Making Money Sounding Funny

Online via ZOOM

Are you California dreaming because your deepest desire is to be a voice actor for cartoons & animation? Don't pack your bags just yet, It is entirely within your realm of possibility to book animation & high profile character voiceover work from wherever you live! Navigate the great, BIGG world of animation with Lisa Biggs […]

Intro to Voiceover – LIVE STREAM


Intro to Voiceover - LIVE STREAM Sunday, February 2, 2020 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM OUR FIRST EVER - INTRO TO VOICE OVER WORKSHOP - LIVE STREAM! ★ Your Voice Acting Journey Begins Here ★ Curious about voice acting? Take your first step by attending “Intro to VO!” This workshop, led by Melissa Moats, a […]