Black Girl Voiceover World Yes You Can w/Khristine Hvam

Black Girl Voiceover World Yes You Can w/Khristine Hvam

Yes You Can with Christine Hvam

Hosted By: Tiffany Copeland

From: Black Girl Voiceover World

Award winning producer, voice actor and audiobook narrator Khristine Hvam, is living her best life doing all the things from her role as Pepper in Iron Man the video game and Professor Juniper in Pokemon the television series to narrating a number of audiobooks for your listening pleasure. As a producer, she snagged a Voice Arts award for Puss and Boots the Audiobook musical. Motherhood has a way of forcing us to spend more time on what’s important, overcome our fears, and most importantly… play, something we’re always being told to do in acting and VoiceOver, but have been taught NOT to do in everyday life. If you’re in the mood to hear a conversation that’s light on the surface, but begs you to dig in for deeper insight stay right here. Thank you for pressing play and joining me for the final episode of the Black Girl Voiceover World podcast. I’m Tiffany J. Copeland. For more Black Girl Voiceover World content visit and download the Black Girl Voiceover World app on your android and apple device for ad free listening.

Khristine Hvam

That’s Voiceover

That’s Voiceover!™

Puss In Boots: A Musical




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