The VO Survey 2021

The VO Survey 2021

The VO Survey 2021

Hosted By: Carin Gilfry

From: The VO School Podcast

This weeks episode of the VO School Podcast is all about data. More specifically, a survey conducted by and for voice actors – where they live and work, how much money they make, where do they find work etc… Check out the survey at

Joining me this week on the podcast are voice actors Carin Gilfry, Joey Schaljio, Maria Pendolino and Eric Yang.

Carin Gilfry explains more about the survey and the team members who collected and analyzed the data:

“Have you ever wondered about the real data of the voiceover industry? How much money are people earning? Where are most people finding work? Does someone have to live in New York or LA to be successful? Does a voice actor need to join the union? Many of us have wondered the same thing. So, a group of independent voice actors got together and decided to put together a survey to find these answers and more. The State of Voiceover in 2021 Survey provides a deep dive into the data of the VO industry. 1244 responses were collected from voice actors all over the world, and the results are pretty astonishing.

Carin Gilfry is a well-known voice actor and community leader who spearheaded the survey project. She is also the founder of Voice Actors of NYC and co-chair of the VOcation Conference.

Karin Barth is an amazing web designer who is the Director of Operations/Project Manager at She designed the State of Voiceover in 2021 website.

Eric Yang is a voice actor and data analyst. He is the brains behind the data portion of the survey!

Maria Pendolino is a voice actor and writer from New York. She is known in the VO community as a master negotiator and has taught classes and conference sessions about knowing your worth and quoting with confidence.

Joey Schaljio is a wonderful voice actor and lover of numbers and data! She helped shape the questions on the survey, and was an instrumental part of the team.”


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