VO School with Melanie Zanetti – Ep. 60

VO School with Melanie Zanetti – Ep. 60

VO School with Melanie Zanetti – Ep. 60

Hosted By: Jamie Muffett

From: The VO School

The VO School podcast is back! Joining us this week is Melanie Zanetti. Melanie is a prolific film, TV, theater actor and educator. Her voiceover role in the animated series ‘Bluey’ has showcased her skills to a huge global audience, as well as standout performances in 2020’s Love and Monsters, and The Bureau of Magical Things (2018).

We examine in detail her transition to the world of voiceover, and how it differs from on-camera acting, and we take a deeper dive into the themes she discussed in her recent Backstage Article: “A Year Without Booking Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Melanie Zanetti“ www.backstage.com/magazine/article…interview-72854/

We talk about coping with rejection, motivation, maintaining and cultivating creativity, the auditioning mindset and more in this candid conversation.

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