VO Travel Rigs & Recording Hacks for the Road w/Jay Preston

VO Travel Rigs & Recording Hacks for the Road w/Jay Preston

Voice Over Travel Rigs and Recording Hacks for the Road with Jay Preston – Episode 133

Hosted By: Marc Scott

From: The VOpreneur

You aren’t a real voice actor until two things have happened. First… you get the Game Show Host scam and second… you’ve posted a picture on social media of your pillow fort recording set-up! These are two essential rights of passage!!

My guest this week is an expert traveler who spends many months on the road every year. If there’s a way to build a better pillow fort, make recording from the road sound almost studio grade, or even save a few bucks on hotels, Jay Preston has figured out the tip and/or hack and he’s sharing them all in this info packed episode!

Jay Preston – https://www.jaypreston.com/

The Booth of Us – http://www.theboothofus.com/

The Voice Over Collective – https://www.thevoiceovercollective.com/

Gear List – https://www.thevoiceovercollective.com/homestudio

Jay on Instagram – @coffeeandwine

Jay on Twitter – @jaypreston

Marc on Twitter – @marcscott

Marc on Instagram – @marcscott


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