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One of our favorite guests on the Voice Over Body Shop webcast is the very talented and witty Scott Parkin. His favorite person is his very talented daughter, Miranda. And we get a two-fer this week with Scott and Miranda joining us live, in studio, this Monday night at 5 PT, 8 ET and whatever it is in between.

Scott is a master of improv and showing you how to go outside the box with your auditions.

Miranda is a rising VO star and talented artist in her own right. She’ll be showing us the animatic of her latest project, “The Comet Casino.” It’s great art and character design and a cool story to boot! Let’s see what it takes to try and sell a potential project like that!

You can ask your questions during the live interactive webcast. Or you can submit your VO questions right now by writing us at theguys@vobs.tv!

We’d love for you to join us LIVE, Monday at 5 pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern @ https://www.facebook.com/voiceoverbodyshop or VOBS.TV.

On every episode, Dan and George also discuss the latest in VO tech, the topic of the week, and much more.

PS: You can catch VOBS episodes any time on our homepage, VOBS.TV … our Facebook page or our YouTubechannel – where you can also watch any past VOBS episode – or listen on our Podcast edition.


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