What Should Your URL Be?

What Should Your URL Be?

What Should Your URL Be?

Hosted By: Jonathan Tilley

From: Jonathan Tilley

Stop reading this if your website url is ThEbEsTvOiCeChOiCeByJoYcEbOyCe.com and your real name is Greg.

Phew. We’ve gotten rid of all the people who think they need a gimmick to get a head.

But figuring out what your url name should be may feel like you’re naming your first born child. After all, once you set it in stone, you’re stuck with that name forever.  You have to choose wisely.

But what if choosing your website url was as easy as spelling your own name? That would make the whole process feel more organic.

Learn how to choose what your website url should be in today’s podcast and in Website Makeover Masterclass – one of many trainings in my Inner Circle.

When you join my Inner Circle you’ll gain instant access to beautifully curated videos and workbooks to help you build your business and brand with other like-minded creatives. And you’ll know what the best website url decision is for your website. (Obviously not ThEbEsTvOiCeChOiCeByJoYcEbOyCe.com)


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