Your Message Received w/Special Guest Bill Callejas

Your Message Received w/Special Guest Bill Callejas


Hosted By: John Duffin

From: Your Message Received… Finding your Business Voice!

WELCOME BACK TO PART 2 of our Exclusive Interview with Bill Callejas

We dig deeper with Bill, regarding maximizing Voice Talent, selecting and lobbying for the right storytellers… and we also delve into future Storytellers from Bill’s family.
As Bill describes it… “about my two sides — the creative (writer/director and creative director) and the marketing side (Brand Integration Strategist). I live in the intersection of those two disciplines and make them work end-to-end. It means as a creative and a strategist, I have to eat my own dog food (the strategy) to move to the content creation for a brand…”
Bill is an integrated communications specialist because his skill set is fully integrated. From strategy to creative execution, his brand consulting and creative services all reflect both client-side and ad agency experience in Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, as well as his expertise as a writer, director, and creative director in film, video, and event marketing.
Bill has done it all, and worked with some of the Best Voiceover talents on the planet! Bill explains his creative thought process, his natural “ear” and also gives us tremendous tips for using your voice (Voiceover, Voice Acting, Effective Verbal Communications.)
This is the second of a two parter- as we wanted to come out of the gate FAST! Enjoy and WELCOME BACK to Season 2021!


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