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Guest Blog: Johnny Heller – For The Hell Of it

Facebook is brimming with people planning to come to NYC for APAC and Audie spectaculars. It’s also brimming with Neanderthal dolts spouting idiotic opinions about what we should be appalled about and how we should respond to the things we should be appalled about and how big a part of the appalling situation we are […]

Guest Blog: Linda Bruno – How to Sound More Conversational in your Performance

One of the biggest challenges that you might have to come across in front of the microphone while performing is sounding conversational. This is because we rarely get any proper training to sound comfortable while we are talking to a wall so, to sound conversational, the interaction of another person is needed. There are so […]

Guest Blog: Tanya Chopp – Succeed in 2020: Trends in Media, Advertising, and Voice Over

Each year,’s Trends Report leverages proprietary market data, along with survey data collected from voice over clients, to uncover trends in media production, advertising, and to learn how voice over is helping to engage and delight audiences around the world. Here, are some of the report highlights to help you set your expectations and […]

Guest Blog: Tom Dheere – Voiceovers And 2020 – The Not Silent Blog

2020 is almost here! Are you ready for it? To plan for 2020, let’s look back at 2019. Did you achieve all the goals you set for the year? Specifically: Did you hit your Cash Flow goals by making/spending the money you hoped you would? Did you book more clients/gigs than in 2018? Did you […]