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In this two week advanced online class, Diakeim will give you the tools you need to connect and make firm committed choices to BOOK more voice-over jobs! You'll work on a variety of […]

The Annie Awards

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The Annie Awards is ASIFA-Hollywood's most glamorous event. Each year we dress up and get together like the other academies to honor our stars. In fact, the Awards are so […]

VO Dojo Should You Do Voiceover March Intensive

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Thinking about voiceover? Looking to rev up? Our "You Should Do Voiceover" 6‑week Virtual Intensive is a great way to get going — grounded in the essentials. Join LA voice […]

Larry Hudson VO Heaven Online Workouts


This is NOT COACHING (it is not a replacement for great coaching from a qualified coach). We are a group of dedicated voiceover artists that come together to work out […]

Voice Over Beginners: Getting Started Q&A

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I have been working in the Voice over industry for the past 40 years, as agent, casting director, director, producer and Talent. From On-Air promo VO for the Cartoon Network […]

Online VO Classes with Marc Cashman

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JOIN MARC CASHMAN'S NEXT ONLINE V-O COURSE APRIL 10TH! You don't have to live in L.A. to get great V-O instruction. Learn in the privacy of your own home or home […]

Creating Your Own Career: All Levels

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What We Will Cover: Hone and develop your personal brand and how to make it unique. Understanding the different social media platforms and websites including your own. Introductions to additional […]