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The Abaton Calendar is a resource created for and by voice talent in order to make it easier to create meaningful connections, to forge new professional and personal relationships, and to maintain existing contacts within the voiceover community. And hopefully, have a hell of a lot of fun in the process. 

This calendar-based website is a place for the voiceover community to share any and all upcoming events happening in the voiceover industry. In short, if there’s a voiceover event…It’s on The Abaton Calendar, the ultimate voiceover event search-engine library.

For now, nothing! This may change for some options after we finish with our beta testing. Certain features can’t be accessed until you register for a free account (wink wink, nudge nudge). For a more detailed understanding of which features those are, check out our tutorial series and user guide.

You want Abaton for the same reason you want that new mic. It’s shiny, fun, and extremely useful. 😉

The Abaton Calendar was created as a unique, one-stop platform for events happening in the voice acting world – locally, regionally and globally. We help event creators post workshops, webinars, classes, conferences, and even parties to our calendar, so you aren’t stuck randomly scouring the web for new ways to learn and connect with others. Voice acting is hard enough. We’re here to make life a little easier, convenient, and fun.

There is no webcast too obscure or remote, no class size too small, if it can genuinely be of value. We try to be as objective and unbiased as possible in our curation. Plus, we listen to user feedback to help make sure every event posted to The Abaton Calendar is a legitimate source of information, so ideally, no one wastes their time or money.

Step One: Create an account. 

Step Two: Use your account to search for existing events, or to create events of your own.

Step Three: Relax in the blissful knowledge that you have a great resource of career-building information at your fingertips. 😉

Excellent question. Log in, select the My Account option at the top of your page, and then Account Details & Passwords from the list on the left of your screen. Here you can change your password and update your name and contact information. 

Abaton is available to anyone who has an internet connection.

Most of our events are currently listed in English, with some events listed in Spanish. We currently only offer customer support in English.

Yes! You can’t easily copy or subscribe an entire batch of events at once, but you can import any individual event to your personal calendar by scrolling to the bottom of an event listing and selecting the Google or Apple calendar import options that appear below the heading “Add this event to your calendar app”. You might also want to check out the “Favorite” and “Subscribe” options as well. These actions do require that you’ve created and logged in to your Abaton Calendar account.

Indeed. To submit a blog or podcast post, simply go to “Help/Contact Us” and use the form to send us a link to the post. We will then review it and determine if it’s appropriate for publication. 

All newly created events are reviewed by a member of Abaton’s staff before they are published. If we have any questions or concerns about your event, we will reach out to you, but otherwise, just sit tight! You will receive a confirmation email when your event is posted.

From the menu bar at the top of the homepage, click ‘My Account’, choose ‘Events’ from the menu on the left, then click the ‘Edit’ button that appears under the event you wish to update. This will take you to the original event submission form where you can change anything in any field. Note that while your event does initially need to be approved by the Abaton Team before it is published, any updates you make to your event will take effect immediately — no additional approval necessary.

Yes, and we encourage it! If you’re creating an event on behalf of someone else, it’s okay to use images and other media that you get from them — for example, from their event invitation email, Facebook or InstaGram post, or their website. (After all, presumably they have the rights to their own photos or other media.) But please don’t use copyrighted stock images or copyrighted music for which you or the event organizer don’t have the rights.

Absolutely! Below the event listing you will find a handy little option called “Share Event” and underneath that there are many ways to share the event: Twitter, InstaGram, Facebook, Email, and Pinterest, to name a few. So yes, share The Abaton Calendar love on as many platforms as you like. Folks that aren’t logged in members can’t subscribe to events, or add them to a list of their favorites, but they will still have the ability to view and search events.

No. You can refer to our Privacy and Cookie policies, and our Terms of Service on the “Policies” Page.

We use it to better understand the needs and interests of our users, and to help determine how well we’re meeting their expectations.