NATF Playhouse: Salmon’s Run – Episode 3 & Lake & Logan In The Dimensions of Liquid

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NATF Playhouse: Salmon’s Run – Episode 3 & Lake & Logan In The Dimensions of Liquid

Salmon’s Run – Episode 3 by Nick Messitte (New York, NY) Salmon’s Run asks a simple question: what would happen if an innocent man appeared, for all the world, to be a terrorist? The story centers on a hapless, sweet soul named Salmon Warzynski. He never meant to hurt anyone. He just wanted to toss his cigarette in a trashcan. He didn’t think it would explode, setting lower Manhattan ablaze in the process. Now, with the CIA, the FBI, the NYPD, the mainstream media, and some home-grown terrorists in hot pursuit (they think he’s their leader), Salmon must run…run for his life…In this episode, we meet Douglas Mitchell Sargento, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania. The powers that be want him to advocate for war with Iran—but he has other ideas.Meanwhile, Salmon Warzynski goes to great lengths to disguise his identity.Join Nick Messitte.Lake & Logan In The Dimensions of Liquid by Locked into Vacancy Entertainment (aka L.I.V.E.) (Chicago, IL)It’s the ladies turn in the spotlight on the wacky supernatural misadventures of Lake & Logan. Katie and Daphne are set to perform on the largest cruise ship to ever sail on a lake, the Titanish. However, also on board are Mrs. Wilhelm and an assortment of other individuals, all with their own agendas keen to make the cruise considerably more eventful. Missing jewelry, family grudges, and a love that we’d rather not think about all collide in… “The Dimensions of Water!” Locked into Vacancy Entertainment brings 1940s style radio plays into the 21st century.Jennifer Walden from Locked into Vacancy Entertainment (aka L.I.V.E.) will share some live performance strategies.

June 07 2019
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Date: June 7, 2019
Time: 12:10 pm - 1:15 pm America/Los_Angeles
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Pilgrim Center

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