Competitive Edge Voice Training w/Eliza Schneider

Online via ZOOM

What is THE CHARACTER ACTING PROGRAM? The Character Acting Program provides expert guidance and mentorship for talented actors, geared toward careers in voice acting for animation and games, with a special emphasis on utility voice training. Being a “Utility” Voice Actor means giving your director the gift of confidence that you can deliver exactly what […]

The State of VO


A SOVAS weekly panel discussion on the state of the voice-over industry! Hosts: Marc Gus (@MarcGuss), Rudy Gaskins (@rgaskins1), and Joan Baker (@Joanthevoice) Producer: Rudy Gaskins (@rgaskins1) RSVP 2 @MarcGuss via#LinkedIn From @SovasVoice

Voice Over Imposter Syndrome – Free Webinar

Online via ZOOM

Do you ever have moments of self-doubt or feel like you don’t belong in this industry? Then, join me for a free webinar where we’ll bust through our feelings of impostorism like the kool-aid man, so we can head into 2022 with the confidence to pursue and achieve the success we deserve. You have talent. […]

Voice Actor’s Network Zoom Workout

Online via ZOOM

Every other Thursday we host a Zoom Workout where actors have the opportunity to get together and go over recent audition copy!  Ben directs each session, and in addition to working through copy, we  also discuss industry insights! Each workout group is limited to 10 participants, and is $35. Join us 7-10pm on Zoom!

Voice Acting for Audiobooks: All Levels

Online via ZOOM

What We Will Cover: Discuss the process of Audiobooks from prepping the book, to proofing and editing.  Learn specific techniques required for this kind of long-form voice acting.   Learn what is needed to prep the book for recording, including marking the script, chapter and character breakdowns, and pdf software many narrators use. The importance of your own home […]

Level 2: Singing for Animation

Online via ZOOM

What We Will Cover: A deeper focus on the major character archetype categories, and how to utilize your voice specifically for each. Continued mastery in  the art of Pitch, Tone/Timbre, and Pace Deeper focus on your vocal registers, strengthening them, and putting them to use. Continued expansion of your vocal range Hone the specific art […]

Voxy Summit Voiceover Conference

Online via ZOOM

We're so excited for our fifth annual conference exclusively for women in creative media. Join us for a weekend packed full of inspiring speakers, workshops, professional networking, and togetherness!

The Brand Mingle, with Celia Siegel


A free weekly Voiceover Party Every Friday at 10:00am CT Register below and join us!​ Successful entrepreneurs know that top achievers have a team to elevate their success, meet yours! No matter where you are in your voiceover career, my team and I can help you build and market your standout brand, make sound business […]

007th Birthday Party London

Holiday Inn London - Camden Lock 30 Jamestown Road, London

FROM LONDON WITH LOVE Do you miss the good old days of face-to-face networking events? Do you find it easier to make connections when you meet people in person rather than online? Me too! I know the importance, first hand, of meeting in person to share ideas and get feedback from other voiceover professionals – it’s the reason I […]