Sultry Listeners Awards

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Hi! Felicia The Geeky Blogger here and I am excited to bring back Sultry Listeners Awards for it’s 7th and final year!  I have so loved being part of and bringing these awards over the years.  While I am sad that I have decided to step back, I wanted to send them out on a […]

The Voice & Accent Hub Mini Training Sessions

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Hello voice pal I hope you’ve enjoyed the few wee emails with voice exercises to explore. I have a confession to make. I had an ulterior motive. And that was to whet your whilst for more free stuff. How dare I. That’s right, I’ve got a whole week of free, daily, mini voice training sessions […]


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The Voice One Audiobook Program features five distinct classes and three incredible instructors! First Ann Richardson introduces you to the world of Audiobooks with a lecture and subsequent performance workshop. Then, Emily Lawrence takes you on a deeper dive into your text. Next, P.J. Ochlan helps you develop your own "toolbox" of characters. Finally, Ann […]


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Videos have incredible power to tell stories and hold an audience captive. Explainer videos can help businesses increase conversion rates by up to 80%! Since these videos are so connected to corporate growth, explainer video voice-over needs to be increasingly compelling, connected, and caught up with today’s trends. In this interactive class, you’ll discover and […]


Voice One 414 Jackson Suite 202, San Francisco

This class helps you identify and deliver different styles of commercial VO: Taglines, Retail, Spokesperson, Real Person and more. You’ll learn how to determine the style and how to adjust your timing, rhythm, and energy to match the script.

Audiobook Demos

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Erin Spencer is a highly sought after Los Angeles based producer and Audie winning narrator and director who has performed on over 150 audiobooks and directed just as many. She started her own audiobook production company called One Night Stand Studios after working with Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, MacMillan and many others. Erin enjoys […]

Chicago Voice Actors Sunday Meetup

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This is a group for voice actors of all levels to meet and hangout in a casual setting, whether you’ve got years or experience, are new to the business, are studying in school, or just want to meet some cool people. There's no fee to join, but if you're able to chip in to cover […]

Commercial Workshop w/ Barbara Niles

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“Talk one on one, natural quality, authentic, unpolished, conversational. No announcers please!” We've all seen these specs on commercials. Seems easy enough, right? We talk to people all day long . . . but there is conversational, and then there is commercial conversational. They are two different animals. In this class we will focus on […]

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Our last 'Animation with the Pros' was a huge hit so we're bringing it back! This 6-week Zoom course will be delivered to you by working pros in the the animation field. Prepare for FUN! Coaches to be announced... Previous guest coaches include 3x Emmy-nominated Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig), Disney voice director Kal-el Bogdanove, the longest running voice […]


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Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, Films, and TV shows need professional voice actors who can add background voices and dialogue to on-screen actors and characters. As the founder of Holly's LG, Ms. Dorff has looped over 600 films, and created a virtual loop group, so you can learn to perform donuts, call-outs, and add dialogue to […]