Online VO Gymnasium 7/2 & 7/9

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Online VO Gymnasium 7/2 & 7/9


This super affordable voiceover workout takes you through your paces in a fun, safe, and constructive environment. Join other advanced beginner to advanced Voiceover talent learn with Kathleen and coach each other in a positive and constructive way.

“I have worked with five or six coaches over the past ten years, but I feel simpatico with you and your experienced and honest approach.”
-Cochran Keating, VO Talent

“Kathleen’s VO Gym helped me hone my skills in order to get an agent, as well as to keep improving on an ongoing basis. Her VO Gym is fun and helpful to both new and experienced VO artists who want to continue growing!”
– Alix Hager, VO Talent


If you’re starting out on the voiceover journey, or you’ve been on the journey already, then you’re probably cramming a lot of info into your brain just to learn the ins and outs of editing, what your agents what you to do, emails, specs, labeling takes, home studio stuff, equipment, resources and more. It can be overwhelming! Let Kathleen teach you the basics of editing your auditions like editing breaths, mistakes, marking mistakes, fixing a sentence or phrase that you don’t like, inserting a phrase into the middle of a take, info on home studios, Digital Audio Workstation or DAWs, mics, resources, sweet discounts and much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those voices on your favorite video game, then this mini class is for you! Warner Bros. Cinematic Director, Dominic Cianciolo (Mortal Kombat X, Injustice: Gods Among Us) and Kathleen Puls Andrade will take you through gaming scripts that will challenge your mouth, your voice, your mind, brain and body!

You’ll explore supporting your voice so you can last for an entire session no matter the vocal demands. You’ll learn great vocal, physical, and character warm-ups that keep your chops sharp. We’ll go over dialogue and monologues, learn and create backstories for various characters and get on mic as soon as possible to start working those characters.

Going from one vocal extreme to the other
Grunts and Exertions aka Efforts
Learn about ADR Wild Efforts (Grunts and Exertions)
Mic Technique
Create characters on the spot
Create character backstory
Meaty Monologues for Men and Women
Discuss Facial Capture
Learn why you have line after line of dialogue on spreadsheets
Go through line after line of different characters and pivot on the spot
The Business of Making and Voicing Videogames

This mini-class will give you a whole new perspective, character toolbox, and plenty of scripts, so when you’re not working a gig, you can still work on your craft!

July 02 2020
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Date: July 2, 2020
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm America/Menominee

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