VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – Liz de Nesnera – Episode 40

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VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – Liz de Nesnera – Episode 40

Liz de Nesnera joins us from across the USA via Zoom to share her VO story. She’s a telephony voice expert who really knows the ins and outs of that special VO genre. Liz is also a talented bilingual voice actor working in French as well as English.

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Voice Over Body Shop, or VOBS, is one of the voiceover industry’s most loved “how to do voice over” shows and the go-to VO resource for voice actors everywhere. From their Los Angeles studio, hosts George Whittam and Dan Lenard talk voice over tech, training, recording, and business. Learn from the best voiceover narrators; voice actors from your favorite cartoons, animation, and television shows; and the biggest names in promo, TV shows, movies, audiobooks, movie trailers, TV commercials, and video games.

George and Dan also ask for tips from the top agents, managers, and voice casting directors working in the VO industry today. And since voiceover is now done largely from home studios, we ask the best in the biz how they do it from their own home studios.

Not only that, but we invite you to ask questions that George and Dan AND their guests answer live! So you can get the answers you need on vo tech, equipment, microphones, DAWs, cables—you name it!

The guys will also help you find the best voice over coaches to help you make the most of your VO career at any level. Get tips from the best voiceover teachers in the industry that you can apply to your VO work today!

GEORGE WHITTAM is a renowned voice over tech consultant, having worked with nearly all of the industry’s top talents on their studios. His clients include Don LaFontaine, Joe Cipriano, David Kaye, Lori Alan, Jim Tasker, Pat Fraley, Scott Rummell, and many more. Let him help you with technical questions from Pro Tools to major studio builds. http://www.georgethe.tech/

DAN LENARD is known worldwide as “The Home Studio Master.” He is a board member of World-Voices Organization (WoVO), a non-profit, member-driven industry association of professional voice talent. He has a long list of happy home studio clients, including Debi Derryberry, Marc Cashman, and Paul Strikwerda, among many others. http://www.homevoiceoverstudio.com/

June 13 2016
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Date: June 13, 2016
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
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