Why We Need Someone to Check Our Blindspots

Why We Need Someone to Check Our Blindspots

Why We Need Someone to Check Our Blindspots

Hosted By: Marc Scott

From: The VOpreneur

A blindspot is by it’s very name, something you can’t see. When you think about it in terms of driving a car, it’s something that you can’t see that’s actually right beside you.

In our voice over businesses, we have blindspots. We have things we’re too close to. Opportunities that are right in front of our faces, but unless someone on the outside points them out to us, we’ll miss them.

In this episode I share a recent experience with one of my own blindspots and what I did to solve it. I hope you’ll take inspiration from this to find some trusted people who will help you identify any blindspots you may have in your own business.

Key Takeaways…

  • We all need people on the outside who can help us see opportunities we’re missing right in front of us.
  • Fear, closed-mindedness, and tunnel vision can all contribute to blind spots in business.
  • Identifying a blindspot isn’t enough. What action will you take to address it?
  • If you’re business has plateaued or is moving in the wrong direction, it may be a blindspot issue.


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