Guest Blog: Ian Russell – The Advent of Voice Over

Guest Blog: Ian Russell – The Advent of Voice Over

The Advent of Voice Over

By: Ian Russell

From: The British Voice

A Holiday blog already?

The shops are decked out, the radio stations have Christmassy-ed their music playlists and where voice-over is concerned, some Christmas ads were recorded many months ago (Have you seen this year’s Marks & Spencer one?)

Christmas Advent is used to count the days of advent in the lead-up to Christmas. It’s quite popular everywhere and especially in our house, where we usually have several food-related treats to enjoy each morning along with a traditional one that comes out every year. I decided to add to it and have compiled a special “Voice over Advent” with a bit of British thrown in!

Dec. 1 The Voice of Gaming Austin Texas by ReadSpeaker event centered around voice technology and modern gaming.

Dec. 2 Time to make or ask for a Christmas wish list if you haven’t done so already! Check out Voiceover gifts blogs, VO Gear Exchange, or Anne Ganguzza VO shop page that has lots of studio gear gift ideas.

Dec. 3 Check Anime con’s that are on this month like the Anime Frontier convention in Ft. Worth TX.

Dec. 4 Christmas cards decision Time! To be homemade or not? To be virtual or not? That is the question?

Dec. 5 Umm this might be the ultimate way to relax your voice with a Yoga for the voice class!

Dec. 6 Attend a VO course or event like the Voice Summit AI Arlington, VA.

Dec. 7 It is the giving season so Donate or become a member of the Actors Fund!

Dec. 8 Decorate your VO Booth or studio for the holidays with even more lights and sparkle than usual!

Dec. 9 Get inspired for the holidays with acting tips or a new VO-themed book! Josh Alexander has just finished his Voiceover Trilogy!

Dec. 10 Start to make the Ultimate VO 2022 Business & Goal planner!

Dec. 11 Visit a cool London Museum offering in-person or virtual tours (like the Museum of Portable Sound )!

Dec. 12 Laugh out loud with Chloe Dolandis 12 days of voiceover Christmas & check mic1212 with #nationalmiccheckday

Dec. 13 Participate in the amazing Marc Scott 12 days of Christmas VO giveaway!

Dec. 14 Network with the Adweek virtual event – How does your Brand Sound?

Dec. 15 Get some Christmas crackers (the British popping kind)!

Dec. 16 Play a board or video game, especially if it is VO or accent-related! (visit Voice over games blog for ideas)

Dec. 17 Bundle up and take a long hike or walk to someplace new!

Dec. 18 Participate in a Voice over Social like the one in NYC Holiday Boat Party for Voice Actors of NYC. Check out Abaton Calendar for the latest Christmas VO social events

Dec. 19 Attend the Society of Voice Arts Gala Guggenheim Museum.

Dec. 20 Make sure your stocking is hung. You never know what Santa might pop into it?

Dec. 21 Watch a ‘British’ Holiday Movie or for the kiddos Pantomine at Panto Live! (I’ve got Netflix’s Father Christmas is Back on my watchlist).

Dec. 22 Put on your very best Santa, elf, or fairy voice to wish a great holiday to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Dec. 23 Finish wrapping presents and holiday baking (Gingerbread Sound Booth anyone? Seriously this should be a thing.)

Dec. 24 Kick your feet up and pour yourself and your friends/family a Voice friendly drink (just not too much alcohol, chocolate, citrus, or dairy!)

Happy Holidays from The British Voice!


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