5 Sectors to Look for VO Work This Summer

5 Sectors to Look for VO Work This Summer

5 Sectors to Look for VO Work This Summer – Summer Series 2021 Episode 06

Hosted By: Marc Scott

From: The VOpreneur

The summer slowdown is real. Most voice actors who have done this for a few years are well aware. People go on vacation. It happens. That’s what summer is for. We vacation. Clients vacation. My estimation is this summer will even be more focused on vacation and family time, after fifteen months of COVID life and various levels of pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.

Does that mean business will dry up entirely? Does that mean we should stop marketing? Nope… I don’t think so. Instead, we just need to be strategic in how we’re marketing and who we’re marketing to.

In this episode of the Everyday VOpreneur podcast I pull out my crystal ball and share five different sectors I think could present opportunities over the summer months. Areas that might be worth focussing some of your marketing efforts towards.

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