LOLB Success Stories With Jonathan Tilley

LOLB Success Stories With Jonathan Tilley

LOLB Success Stories

Hosted By: Jonathan Tilley

From: Jonathan Tilley Podcast

The bad news. The League Of List Builders Early Bird Special is over.

The good news. You still have time to join this year’s run of LOLB.

But instead of me telling you how transformational the course is, today’s podcast you’ll hear from 6 LOLB Alums who have made giant strides in their creative freelance business. Just so you know the podcast is pulled audio that’s been edited from a longer form video of all 6 LOLB Alums.

In today’s podcast you’ll hear:

  • how Diana booked a $50,000 gig on Christmas Day

  • how Mike turned his LOLB experience into a semi-automated follow up marketing machine

  • how Christi breathed a sigh of relief knowing she can fit in her marketing as a busy mom

  • how Ally put in the work to get the work, and more work, and more work

  • how Chris turned his side hustle into a full time gig

  • how Sybil kicked her Imposter Syndrome to the curb and now feels legit in her business

And also what each LOLB Alum would say to you if you just so happened to be on the fence about LOLB.

I’ll be completely honest with you.

This is the most important podcast I’ve ever made. Not important for me. But important for you. I want you to put in the work to get the work. I want you to win. And in this podcast you’ll hear from 6 people who have taken LOLB, put in the work, and won beyond their wildest dreams.

 Then once you’ve finished listening to the podcast take a few more minutes and check out  League Of List Builders  – the creative person’s marketing plan to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

I firmly believe this course, if followed step by step, will give you the structure and strategy you need to build a 6 figure creative career. Now it’s time to take action.

CLICK HERE to learn more about League Of List Builders before the registration doors close for another year.


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