The Jonathan Tilley Podcast – VO & Photography FAQS

The Jonathan Tilley Podcast – VO & Photography FAQS

The Jonathan Tilley Podcast – VO & Photography FAQs

Hosted By: Jonathan Tilley

From: Jonathan Tilly

Whenever a voiceover artist thinks of making over their website their mind instantly surges to self-doubt and inadequacy, asking questions like…

  • “Should I have downloadable demos on my website?”

  • “What is the best audio format for my demos on my website?”

  • “Should I use SoundCloud as my audio player on my website?”

These questions feel like you’re buried under 3 tons of bricks and you’re gasping for air while you endlessly wait for someone to rescue you from the carnage.

But what if you started from where you are now and built from there? Shining online means it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be present.

Listen in to these voiceover website frequently asked questions to help you breathe easier and give you a starting point. Then take action and learn just how to implement the changes needed for your website with Website Makeover Masterclass – one of the many trainings in Inner Circle.

When you join my Inner Circle you’ll gain instant access to beautifully curated videos and workbooks to help you build your business and brand with other like-minded creatives. And you’ll be able to makeover your voiceover website in 2 weeks without throwing your computer against the wall.


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