The Voice Coach Podcast: How to Warm Up…

The Voice Coach Podcast: How to Warm Up…

The Voice Coach Podcast: How to Warm Up Your Voice in Five Minutes

Hosted by: Nic Redman

From: The Voice Coach Podcast

Today we discuss why you should find time to do a voice warm-up and why it’s important for those who work with their voices. I will also walk you through a small, focused and applicable five-minutes warm-up routine. A short and precise voice warm-up will not only prepare your voice to work, but will also help you to set your nerves before speaking in front of the mic.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How much time vocal warm-up routines require
  • The best way to add a new habit into our routines
  • How to increase your vocal stamina, the clarity of public speaking and confidence
  • Working with ease, fun and curiosity
  • Step by step voice warm-up routine

Voice warm-ups should ideally last more than five minutes and less than fifteen. Those voice users that have their schedules flooded can try the warm-up example from this episode, pick and cut parts and replace them with different exercises. You can also use it as a preparation ritual before performing.

Big thanks to Jack Evans for creating the music for this podcast!



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