VO Legal; Copyright, Contracts & More w/Rob Sciglimpaglia

VO Legal; Copyright, Contracts & More w/Rob Sciglimpaglia

Voice Over Legal; Copyright, Contracts and More with Rob Sciglimpaglia – Episode 127

Hosted By: Marc Scott

From: The VOpreneur

If only voice over were as easy as getting into the studio and just recording scripts all day long. Alas, there’s much more to it than that… including a number of different legal aspects all voice actors should have at least a basic understanding of.

My sincere hope is you never need to employ an attorney for your voice over business. Experience tells me, though, there will come a day when at the very least, you’ll need legal advice.

Fortunately, the voice over community has an attorney in our corner who understands the industry intimately, because he works in it too! Rob Sciglimpaglia is a voice actor, director, producer, attorney and author of the Amazon Bestselling Book “Voice Over Legal.”

If you’ve got questions about contracts, copyrights, celebrity impressions, protecting ourselves in the A.I. space and more… you’re going to love this episode!

Rob Sciglimpaglia – https://robscigesq.com

Voice Over Legal – https://voiceoverlegal.com

Rob on Instagram – @robscig

Rob on Twitter – @robscig

Marc on Twitter – @marcscott


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