VO Rates & the GVAA Rate Guide w/David Toback

VO Rates & the GVAA Rate Guide w/David Toback

Voice Over Rates and the GVAA Rate Guide with David Toback – Episode 128

Hosted By: Marc Scott

From: The VOpreneur

The GVAA Rate Guide has become one of the most referred to and trusted sources of information for voice over rates, at the very least in the United States market, and maybe even North America.

If you’ve got questions regarding rates, quoting and even negotiating, David Toback is the man with answers. He’s actually the creator of the GVAA Rate Guide.

In this episode of the podcast we dive deep into how the guide was created, where the rates come from, how to interpret different categories of the guide and so much more.

GVAA Rate Guide – https://gvaarateguide.com

Global Voice Acting Academy – https://globalvoiceacademy.com

David on Instagram – @davidtoback

Rob on Twitter – @davidtoback

Marc on Twitter – @marcscott

Marc on Instagram – @marcscott



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