VOCS Episode 024 | Coffee with Cliff Zellman Pt 2

VOCS Episode 024 | Coffee with Cliff Zellman Pt 2

Coffee with Cliff Zellman Pt 2

Hosted By: Andrew Morrison

From: The VO Coffee Shop

In this episode, we continue coffee with my dear friend Cliff Zellman

Cliff is the Director of Talent Management at ACM talent for their automotive division as well as the owner of A-Mazing Demos. In the previous episode, we dove into the wonderful world of automotive where he gave us a taste of what goes into being in that competitive space.

In this episode we talk about:

-Making your automotive voice over persona

-Marketing directly to ad agencies and car dealerships

-Creating something valuable your client wants to see

-The 3 types of automotive commercials

I really hope you enjoy listening to Cliff talk about the steps to getting into the automotive space, creating a follow up that makes the receiver want to open the email and the different parts of this voice over engine that keep it running.


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