What Squarespace Template Should You Choose?

What Squarespace Template Should You Choose?

What Squarespace Template Should You Choose?

Hosted By: Jonathan Tilley

From: Jonathan Tilley

Choosing most website templates is like choosing which make and model of a car you want to buy. If you choose the sunroof can you also afford the parking assistant? Will you splurge for the hi tech dashboard? Or stay frugal with just the basics?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the make and model of your dreams with all the features as standard for the same price as the cheapest car on the lot?

Well if we are talking about website templates, then this totally is possible with Squarespace.

Most website templates have this but don’t have that. But Squarespace has them all. You can pick and choose what features you want and leave the rest. Talk about a game changer!

But knowing how to find the features and build them into your site is the next step. But taking that next step couldn’t be easier. With Website Makeover Masterclass – one of many trainings in Inner Circle – you’ll learn how to build your own website with the multi-faceted Squarespace template that gives you everything you need.

When you join my Inner Circle you’ll gain instant access to beautifully curated videos and workbooks to help you build your business and brand with other like-minded creatives. And you’ll easily build your website on a website builder that was made for us creatives – Squarespace.


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